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Mop head yarn wall hanging

Before starting all my macrame projects like my macrame feather, macrame leaf, and macrame earrings, I made a yarn wall hanging out of a mop head which you can see in this post. Right now you might have trouble finding macrame yarn on Amazon that can be shipped to you but you can certainly still find mop heads at the grocery store or dollar store somewhere local. (This post was originally published on

I really love simple yarn wallhangings like our friend’s vintage one that I saw years ago. Remember me sharing this photo in my post and on Instagram? It’s an exceptionally pretty one.

thick beautiful macrame wallhanging

I came across the fabulous idea “the nester” had where she made a yarn wall hanging out of a mop head. So this post is definitely inspired by hers. Go check out Myquillyn’s blog tutorial. I think it’s a genius idea!

I love the way hers turned out so so much but didn’t want to do an exact copy 🙂

DIY blue mop head yarn wall hanging

Mop head yarn wall hanging DIY

Materials needed:

  • a blue mop head and used that along with
  • some matching blue wool from a craft store for pom poms (optional) you can use mop yarn for pom poms too
  • pom pom garland
  • wood beads optional (from Etsy HERE and HERE)
  • stick (free from the woods or yard)
  • needle
  • some cream and white yarn (optional)

Instructions for mop head yarn wall hanging

What makes it so genius is that the non-loop mops are cut to length already and after you take the top sewn strip off, you have these perfectly cut pieces. No cutting them to the same length required, it’s done already! And a mop head is cheap too.

Below you can see that you only have to remove the thread that holds the mop yarn together in the center.

taking mop head apart for yarn wall hanging

And voila you have a bunch of yarn all cut to the same length.

single pieces of mop head yarn for yarn wall hanging

Next, I tied all the yarn pieces with simple knots to the stick. The knots are hidden in the back. Make sure that you save and tie one piece for the loop that hangs the stick in the other direction. You can see it in the below photo at the top.

If this was a macrame project, you’d double up the string by folding it in half and attaching the yarn to the stick with a Lark’s head knot. The yarn from the mop head isn’t long enough for this though. You can, however, tie some knots to the mop head as well.

mop head yarn tied to stick

Instead of tying knots, I made bunched up long wool strings that were longer than the blue ones and attached three bunches to the top.

adding detail to mop head yarn wall hanging with additional wool

Below you can see how I tied them together:

tying wool detail to mop head yarn wall hanging

I used a thick curved upholstery needle (click HERE) to thread them throw the thick mop yarn and then just tied the string in a knot.

using a curved needle to attach wool to mop head yarn wall hanging

Macrame knots to try

You could try tying some diagonal Half Hitch knots (as shown in my macrame wreath tutorial) or some offset square knots (as shown in my beginner macrame garland)

half hitch knots for macrame wreath

offsetting square knots for beginner macrame garland

Adding decorative detail

In addition, I also made some tassels out of the remaining mop head yarn by tying some wool strands to the bunched up yarn.

making tassels out of leftover mop head yarn

You can braid the top string of the tassels but don’t have to.

braiding mop head yarn

I added a pom-pom garland (click HERE) to the three groups of white wool strands.
At the end, I opened up all the twisted pieces of yarn from the mop strands on the tassel which made the two tassels look much thicker at the bottom.

I like it just this plain and simple already too:

mop head yarn wall hanging without additional details

But then I decided to add some more detail to it with a braided wool, pom-pom and wood bead string.

All I did is braid about a strand of wool, then thread on some beads with a big needle and finally sewing some pom-poms on. Remember my favorite tips and tricks for making pom-poms? Click HERE if you missed it.

I’m not sure if I’ll leave it there though. What do you think? With or without.

mop head yarn wall hanging with beads and pom poms

close up of mop head yarn wall hanging details

side view mop head yarn wall hanging

mop head yarn wall hanging DIY

mop head yarn wall hanging in kitchen

Above you can see where the giant tassels ended up that I made from our old sofa. If you are new around there then you can find the tutorial HERE.
I had used the same wood beads on them as well.

giant leather tassel from old couch

Below you can see how I untwisted the yarn strands.

tassel detail closeup of mop head yarn wall hanging

hallway view of mop head yarn wall hanging

Find out more about my DIY cross wall by clicking HERE.

white and blue mop head yarn wall hanging

garland tied to mop head yarn wall hanging

And if you don’t want to DIY a wallhanging then check out the below handmade pieces from Etsy:

blue mop head yarn wall hanging DIY

If you like this easy craft and are interested in making another pretty project with a mop head then check out my giant mop head tassel.

I did have a lot of fun making this and it’s an easy way to dip your toes into making yarn wall hangings.


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