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DIY watercolor printable wall art

In 2014 I made simple printable wall art of my daughter’s hairdos in a watercolor look and yesterday I had the idea to rework that blog post and make a new wall art version of her hairdo now 6 years later and repost it all for you, so you can make your own.

So easy, affordable and fun piece of artwork.
You might be wondering what app makes photos look like watercolor? I think there are many apps out there but I like the simple app called Waterlogue because that is all it is meant to do. Make watercolor images from your photos. No other bells and whistles or too many settings. It’s a very easy and simple watercolor app that turns your photos into watercolor paintings on your phone.

If you like easy art then you might want to check out my DIY abstract artwork tutorial as well.
easy no-paint watercolor printable wall art

DIY watercolor printable wall art

Materials needed:

  • cellphone
  • Waterlogue app
  • large poster board or another neutral background
  • any type of tape
  • printer
  • overcast natural light (preferably outside on a cloudy day or in the shade to avoid shadows)


Find a shady spot outdoors or preferably a cloudy day where you can tape the poster board to a wall.

hanging poster board on outdoor wall with tape

Give your kiddo, teen or adult a cute hairdo and shirt. And place them in front of the poster board facing the wall and poster board.

You might possibly be faced with the same uncompliant little stinker as I was back in the day who didn’t want to partake in such silly DIY art projects. LOL!

child making stink face

Eventually, we did get it done though. I recreated the scenario recently to show you what we did. Hey we have a lot of time on hand lately and I love seeing how much she has changed since 2014.

teenager facing the poster board to make watercolor printable art

Open the Waterlogue app and click the photo icon:

open Waterlogue app and click photo icon

Pick the photo that is most centered and that doesn’t have any odd discoloration on the edges. You might have to crop the photo before this step.

pick your photo from your photo library

After this step, it is time to play around with the different watercolor filters.

adding the watercolor filters to your photo

When you reach the desired look. Save it to your library and print it. I like printing it on standard office printer paper.

making sure you have the desired look for your watercolor print

finished watercolor wall art before printing

finished watercolor image of daughter's bun when she was little

Be creative with the hairdos. That’s what makes it fun!

two top knot hairdo for watercolor print

striped shirt and topknot for watercolor print

And then plop it into a frame and enjoy. These are also perfect Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or birthday gifts.

Finished Watercolor Artwork in Frame

DIY watercolor wall art printable in frame of living room table

watercolor wall art printable in living room

two top knot hairdo wall printable on table

Oh, by the way, I ordered a new basket to house all my ever-growing craft supplies before all this crazy #stayathome order started. It is rather large! So large that I can even hide in it which might come in handy these days, should I want to hide from my family, right? Haha!

side view of living room with large new storage wolof baskets

cat sitting in front of wall art printable

Also, check out my ombre stacked tassel DIY. It’s one of my favorites.

Aren’t they so simple and adorable?

More DIY watercolor printable wall art ideas

You can also choose random household items or pets to make different prints for your walls as shown below.

random household items as watercolor wall art pritnables

You should try it! So easy and cheap.

childrens wall art print DIY for at home

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