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Here’s How Marie Kondo Crafts a Calming Work-from-Home Environment

As we’re all searching for ways to boost productivity while working from home, it’s time to look to the experts for some advice—and who better to provide wisdom than Marie Kondo? The decluttering pro and sushi party advocate seems to permanently reside in a world of organized zen. Plus, given that she’s set to release her first-ever book dedicated to sparking joy in the workplace, we figured she would be an ideal candidate to shed some light on how to make the most of a makeshift workspace; whether you’ve got a dedicated home office or have just DIY-ed a standing desk out of your dresser.

For her, the key lies in ritual. “That way, you’re transitioning from your personal home life to work,” explains Kondo. The first way she does this is through scent: She uses a dedicated smell to spritz her home office with that differentiates it from the rest of the house—currently, her go-to is peppermint. We recommend picking an essential oil that matches the environment you want to create; like eucalyptus for an energy boost or bergamot for increased focus. Though if it’s relaxation you’re after, you can’t go wrong with lavender. It’s been proven to help with anxiety and soothe nerves; admittedly, something we could all use help with as we sort through our inboxes.

Her second trick? “I also ring my trusty tuner—that’s how I know it’s time to work,” she adds. She strikes her tuning fork against a crystal and waves it slowly around the room, to quiet her thoughts and take in the energy of the space. It’s a simple practice that she says helps her feel centered and calm.

Oh, and one more thing—if you can, avoid working from your bed. Kondo recommends setting up camp somewhere with a set surface, even if that’s your dining room or kitchen counter, to help you switch your mindset. Silver lining: This way, you’ll be closer to the snacks.

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