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A COVID-19 Response | 320 * Sycamore

A COVID-19 Response | 320 * Sycamore

Hello! It seems every email I open these days begins with that title so why not join? Are you tired of Corona talk? I am growing weary of it but realize it’s just part of our life right now. I started a post last week and just didn’t know what to say and so I didn’t.

Our schools are online until May 1 now and that seems like a LONG time away!!  And I have older kids who mostly tackle their schoolwork every day by themselves. I have productive days where I am gung-ho about laundry organization and projects and then other days that are completely lazy and slow and I’m okay with that. I feel like our world was probably in need of a big pause and a reason to slow down?

I went to our local grocery store for bananas and milk yesterday and I love how they replaced their usual sale signs with ones like this:

And I noticed someone leaving quarters in the little toy machines. I feel like most people are making an effort to reach out and find goodness despite the off the charts range of emotions that I feel like we are all feeling.

My neighbors have taken needed supplies to the homeless shelter and elderly assistance drives and have asked us to leave bags on our porch if we want to contribute. I have loved seeing the bags and waves from the porches. One of my neighbors asked us to hide teddy bears and stuffed animals in windows and it was so fun to see children pointing them out on walks. I’m in amazement at what my kids’ teachers have given them for creative and meaningful assignments. My heart hurts for small businesses like florists and dry cleaners and local garden centers trying to make it through these months. Tears for canceled trips, senior class events, a promising track season, missionaries coming home from missions that have become part of them. But I have the hope that things will get better and we’ll be better because of experiencing it. ♥ Here is what we’ve been doing:

Favorite Activity so far: Nightly walks –it’s so good to get out and get fresh air and appreciate the beauty. Also flying kites these past few windy days. I can’t remember the last time we flew kites! (until we crash landed one on my neighbor’s roof — dang it!)

Listening to: this daddy-daughter duet of The Prayer. So beautiful and encouraging.

Laughing at: Can we all give praise to the memes that are keeping us afloat right now? A few favorites:

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